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Defective sleepers are on the loose and the Russian army is looking to create more, at least that’s what the American Government tells their paid Sleeper, Gavril. In search of destroying the project, he finds himself in custody of the Sleeper’s creator Dr. Rykov who, with one simple statement, changes the course of Gavril’s life drastically. Since he now knows his government is shady and that the Russians are truly trying to cure the Sleeper problem, Gavril has a tough decision to make – will he turn on his own leaders in defense of the world?

In this issue, Hamdy, creates a very real and relatable story that sends your imagination running for the hills. In a age where people fear their governments decisions and live in a constant state of disaster preparation, this story really hits close to home. Here we have two governments attempting to make two very different decisions, with two drastically different repercussions, both of which are prepared to fight for their cause. All out war could be started over something as simple as defective Sleeper destruction and the world remains unaware – all to familiar if you ask me.

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Dimensiones 14 × 1 × 23 cm

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